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Alaska Expedition
April 2011

Traversing 200km through the Juneau Icefield, Alaska over 28 days. A British expedition of first ascents and descents, fondly known as ‘Tea Party in Alaska’.

The Road To Freerider
November 2012

Pushing skill and strength to the limit - the dream of freeing this monster pitch.

December 2012

Every ski alpinists dream landscape. Oli spices up classic alpine routes with a twist of van life, in a full winter amongst the peaks of the iconic Mont Blanc Massif.


Cycle Trip
London -
Ulaan Bataar

The road is the journey, and the journey is the road.
An estimated 13,000 km of road and rugged terrain covering 15 countries, this cycle trip will be the ultimate test of endurance and exploration.


Meet The Team

Oli & Daph are intrepid travellers. Having both lived around the world, they suffer from chronic restlessness, and find the notion of the next travel project irresistible. In between his quests of climbing and ski alpinism, Oli is professional coach for alpine ski racers. Daph comes from the colourful world of marketing, with over twelve years experience in the surf and snow - action sports industry. Husband and wife, together they have form a perfect partnership for a long distance cycle adventure. Oli for a mastery of vast outdoor skills, and Daph for her experience in voyaging to deep corners of the world and her talent in speaking jibberish with locals. Each possess a healthy dose of endurance and stubbornness. With a passion for photography, video and content production, Oli & Daph both hope to inspire others to take time out, and chase the stoke of the simple life.


Why We Go?

A test of true grit, yet a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world through a different lens, this trip is as much a project of self examination, as the discovery of freedom and fun revealed through braving the unknown. We want to go, to see, to be curious, challenged and to get lost. Really lost!
We want to return eyes open and inspired.


The Route East

Beginning in London, Oli & Daph’s route will take them across the largest continent in the world. Europe will warm the legs, and Turkey’s mix of east meets west will be the doorway to uncharted territories. Leaving Ottoman and Roman ruins behind, they will journey in time on the mythical silk route, to marvel at the once capital of Persia. Passing through Iran, Oli and Daph will dive into the mysterious Caucasus to head east to the Pamir Highway (4,600m), cycling the roof of the world. From wild steppes, to mammoth mountains, they will cycle into the friendly lands of nomadic Mongolians, following the great footsteps of Genghis Khan to conclude their epic journey east.


Adventure With Purpose

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